Map transfer tutorial? Plus Iray woes

I want to put Monsterina on Hitomi. I know DAZ has a tutorial at YouTube, but it’s a bit fast-paced and I do better with written documentation. A Google search turned up a few, but I didn’t find them as helpful as I’d have liked. Suggestions, anyone?

(( Totally unrelated to the above, HiveWire is getting ready to put out a special edition for Dawn, with new textures, hair, etc. So far, looks pretty nice! I’ll pick it up when it comes out; it’s a decent price for a bundle.))

I’ve slowly been poking around the Iray thing and still find it complex to an off-putting degree. I started with something simple — the light emitter shader preset. Figured it would be a good choice for coflek-gnorg’s multiple Space Segment props, which are difficult for lighting (and cameras.)


1. The original light set up from waaaay back when I built these .daz scenes; 3Delight render.


2. Switched to Iray. Glowy lights, yay! Why aren’t the Bloom parameters with the Emitter ones? I’m sure there’s a reason; just wondering. And why are my white lights yellow? Also, I forgot to apply the Iray UberBase to the rest of the ship segments.


3. Oh, that’s why my lights were yellow; shouldn’t the default temperature be a neutral white? Without the Headlamp on Auto, the interior was too dark. I fiddled around with the environment map settings, but didn’t see much of a difference. Also didn’t see much of a difference after adding the Iray Uber base, but that’s something for another day. I probably needed to up the intensity of the emitter shader. Overall, not bad, but the scene is a bit dark. I need to figure out how to correct this.


4. Back to 3Delight. I adjusted the original uber light; the interior before was a little too bright.


5. Deleted the lights and used AoA’s Ambient Light base. Not bad, if now a little too dark. Should’ve kept the spec lights.


6. Combined #4 and #5 in postwork. I like this, though I still want a glowy light effect.


7. Ran the image through Flaming Pear’s Glare filter. Took 5 seconds. Not realism based, I know, but it just looks better to my eye and takes way less time than fiddling for hours with settings I’m struggling to understand.

I don’t see myself giving up on 3Delight any time soon, tbh.

Creating G2F/M Clones for Genesis

DAZ had a couple of interesting sales yesterday — along the lines of “blink and you’ll miss it” — and I bought an outfit for the G2M, a couple for the G2F, and a set of textures for a Genesis outfit I picked up during that last crazy Genesis sale.

I wanted one outfit on Hitomi, but didn’t have any G2F to G1 clones. Then I remembered Mustakettu85’s Using G2F and G2M clothing on original Genesis.

hitomi-rawr g2f hiro5-g2-horror-survivors


I’d had this tutorial bookmarked for a while but, as usual, I’m slow in following up. Anyway, that’s Rawr! on Hitomi and Urban Survivors HD on Hiro5, with the hair from Horror Survivors – Cris. Had to manually fit the Rawr! hood to Hitomi, but other than that, everything worked smoothly on both Genesis figures.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy (and free!) way to get Genesis 2 clothing on Genesis 1, go check out that tutorial. Probably the usual caveats apply — I haven’t tried long skirts, but those are usually a bit problematic anyway.

Dusk M4 clone pose



Usage: Unrestricted use.

Required: Create a V4 Clone for Dawn Tutorial (DS4 only)

 Info: Dusk/M4 alignment pose for use with the tutorial. Not perfect, but it gets the job done. Feel free to modify or improve upon it. If you do so, please let me know!

Re: the Xurge3D sets in the above example, I had to hide body parts for both Dawn and Dusk, but I frequently do this with V4 and M4, too, and they’re the figures these suits were made for. I corrected some chest distortions in PSP.

My advice is to use poses and body shapes that aren’t extreme, poses that don’t distort the chest/neck area too much, and resign yourself to doing a little postwork. For PSP users, the warp brush tool is your friend. Same goes for the liquify tool in PS.

Credits: coflek-gnorg’s spaceship segments (I forget which ones; I use saved scenes of connected sections I made years ago); KiriTe Hair II, Daria for Dawn, Zac Hair, GearHeadset M4, A.T.A.C.S. Suit M4, and A.T.A.C.S. Suit for V4.

Converting free Dawn morphs to Dusk

In case visitors to the blog missed the comment, Mustakettu85 has explained how to get Dawn free morphs to work for Dusk. It’s an easy process, if a bit tedious, but it does add more versatility to Dusk while we wait for additional morph products to arrive from the official folks.

He has a “Ghost of Macbeth” feel to him

I’d thought the files were encrypted like the old .dsb (?) files, but they were zipped. I learned something new! Again. 😛

I hadn’t any plan in mind for this one beyond tinkering with the Hivewire sets, Kerya’s DS morphs, and those by almostperfekt and sbcorktown. Here’s a list of the free morphs I have installed (some also have Poser versions):

By DigiDotz – Butt/Lower Back Morphs / Dawn Longer Legs Morph / Dawn Neck shorter morph / Smaller nose for Dawn Figure
By sbcorktown – Dawn Nose Morphs / Dawn sexy lips Morphs / Dawn Breast Morphs DAZ
By almostperfekt – eye and lip morphs 4 dawn / 23 faces for Dawn and more / dawn face and body morphs