House on the Rock – Santa Invasion


Husband, me, and my parents went to the Christmas-themed House on the Rock this past weekend.

Probably makes the list of strangest places in the world, if anyone is keeping track. So strange that Neil Gaiman had to include it as some kind of dimensional portal in his book American Gods.

I had no idea they also do a Halloween-themed event there. Told the husband we are definitely going back for that. This bizarre, dark, and delightfully kitsch-y place is perfect for Halloween.

My mom was putting in tokens like crazy, making the animatronics move, the self-playing instruments play, etc.

I wish I could’ve taken better pictures but it’s pretty dark inside. There was a car covered in what looked like bathroom tiles (I’m sure far too heavy to drive) and an awesome steam-powered hearse right out of some steampunk novel. (I have no idea if it’s real; a lot of the stuff in the place is fake.)

The giant plaster (concrete?) whale is nightmare-ish, if in a kinda hilarious way. And all those wooden angels dangling from the roof in the giant carousel room. I just…gah!

Anyway, the Christmas theme involved a bazillion Santa/Mrs Santa figures littering nearly every square inch of the place, even festooned over suits of armor. There were also Christmas trees, including an upside down one in the Infinity Room (which I don’t go in too far as I have a fear of heights and there are no supports on that thing.)

Everyone had a good time, though all the walking was a bit hard on my dad, whose knees don’t work like they used. Lots of stairs and ramps.