Dial Morph Character: Inez V4

Inez V4, for DS and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: A Latina morph for V4 inspired by a video game poster. :P I was aiming for a character who’s cute, not pinup-girl perfect, and also looks like she’s not taking any crap from whomever/whatever.

Inez is scaled down, her head’s scaled up, her legs are a bit shorter, and her chest a tad wider than the default V4. Morph Follower balks some re: the chest scaling, so you’ll probably need to do manual adjustments for that area of her body. Separate presets are included for Body+Head and just the head.

Dial morph character only; textures, hair, clothing, props, poses, expressions, etc. not included.

Required: V4 Morphs ++, Stephanie Petite 4, and CDI’s Faerime.

Credits: Elite Ariana, Twin Fair Hair, Aussie Girl, and the sword from Lady of the Lake. The example expressions are all from Just A Girl S4 (though one might be from Oh That Look V4.) Below, there’s Eirene Hair, Slide3D V4 Bodysuit, the overlay from Sisterhood Skin on Ariana, and a background from 2012.

Once upon a time...
Once upon a time…

A few more examples, including an untextured one, inside…

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Vector Graphics Tip

I was chatting with a friend the other day and we were discussing graphics and file formats in Paint Shop Pro — which she uses exclusively — and I was surprised to learn she didn’t know it’s possible to convert .ai files to .pdf and read them in PSP as well as PS.

Yup; just change the .ai file extension to .pdf and you’re good to go. The .pdf file acts pretty much like an .eps file, so it’s possible to scale it up or down without a loss of quality.

Not all .ai files can be converted to .pdf, but most of them will work.

More adventures with concession stands

Still puttering away on the market stand texture project. It’s good to have lots of props, both free and commercial, though I’m missing the odd prop here and there. For instance, I had a hard time finding something that would work as a simple cafeteria tray.

Snack Stand on the Beach

Snack Stand on the Promenade

The coffee pot, cash register, fridge, and plate stacks are from several ironman13 products, the fruit bowl is from Exnem, and the background is from a set called Standing on the Edge (all at Renderosity.) The condiment holder was one of those Poser World limited time freebies thing. The rest are freebies.

Not sure yet what to do with the large poster-like prop (Inception8′s True Blood poster freebie at DeviantArt.) Probably should add a menu, tho with a different background. I’m also not sure about keeping the menu sign on the stand. I might try a sign board instead. Most Digital Creations has a free one.

Might do something with the small market stand too. Maybe a coffee shop. Or a kind of beach souvenir shop that sells t-shirts, hats, and sunglasses.

WIP: Concession Stand Textures

I’ve been trying to find concession stands, free or commercial, mobile-themed or stationary. Pickings are slim, and so I’ve been puttering around with texturing Guderun’s Big Market Booth (the smaller one has possibilites too.). So far, this is what I’ve got:

The market booth base
Market booth base with the decoration add-on prop

I love its rustic look! There’s an exterior counter for customers and also inner counter/cabinet to hold various foodie props. I considered making a bait and tackle stand, but I don’t have enough fishing props to carry that off. Food props I have aplenty, though. :)

The Stand, Concession Stand, and Refreshment Stand look useful as well:

86447 63406 62434

Re: mobile food carts, I’ve been using the Papus3d Ice Cream Tricycle a lot, but I’d also download a similar one a while ago, which might work better for other snack foods. It was called something like Old Trike or Delivery Trike. I can’t find the download now. The texture file folder is called “MYSTICSTRIKE,” and I’m assuming that’s the creator. If anyone has run across this bike or knows if it’s still downloadable, please let me know:

(not the original textures)
(not the original texture, which was black and had a butcher’s sign)

This is the only freebie popcorn machine/cart I’ve been able to find. I like it, except for the lack of popcorn. I tried to remedy this, but met with mixed success (needs to be much lumpier):

popcorn tile applied to a primitive cylinder

More rambling inside, including what commercial products (reasonably priced) I could find — and a few thoughts on kit-bashing a zoo!

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Ice Cream Trike Textures

Textures for Papus3d's Ice Cream Tricycle, for DAZ Studio and Poser
Textures for Papus3d’s Ice Cream Tricycle, DS and Poser


Info: An extra bike texture with options for a black or red frame, as well as textures for the waffle cone, ice cream/gelato, scoop, and balloon. I’ve also included a couple poses for M4 — they’re for the default M4 height, so scaling him up or down means adjustments. Load M4 and the prop(s), then apply the pose presets. To move the figure/props afterward, parent them to a null and then position the null.

Required: Ice Cream Tricycle, Renderosity Free Stuff or ShareCG

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use. (There are conflicting TOUs at Rendo and ShareCG for the prop; please clarify this with Papus3d before using commercially.)

A few more previews inside:

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