WIP: Concession Stand Textures

I’ve been trying to find concession stands, free or commercial, mobile-themed or stationary. Pickings are slim, and so I’ve been puttering around with texturing Guderun’s Big Market Booth (the smaller one has possibilites too.). So far, this is what I’ve got:


The market booth base


Market booth base with the decoration add-on prop

I love its rustic look! There’s an exterior counter for customers and also inner counter/cabinet to hold various foodie props. I considered making a bait and tackle stand, but I don’t have enough fishing props to carry that off. Food props I have aplenty, though. :)

The Stand, Concession Stand, and Refreshment Stand look useful as well:

86447 63406 62434

Re: mobile food carts, I’ve been using the Papus3d Ice Cream Tricycle a lot, but I’d also download a similar one a while ago, which might work better for other snack foods. It was called something like Old Trike or Delivery Trike. I can’t find the download now. The texture file folder is called “MYSTICSTRIKE,” and I’m assuming that’s the creator. If anyone has run across this bike or knows if it’s still downloadable, please let me know:

(not the original textures)

(not the original texture, which was black and had a butcher’s sign)

This is the only freebie popcorn machine/cart I’ve been able to find. I like it, except for the lack of popcorn. I tried to remedy this, but met with mixed success (needs to be much lumpier):


popcorn tile applied to a primitive cylinder

More rambling inside, including what commercial products (reasonably priced) I could find — and a few thoughts on kit-bashing a zoo!


Ice Cream Trike Textures

Textures for Papus3d's Ice Cream Tricycle, for DAZ Studio and Poser

Textures for Papus3d’s Ice Cream Tricycle, DS and Poser


Info: An extra bike texture with options for a black or red frame, as well as textures for the waffle cone, ice cream/gelato, scoop, and balloon. I’ve also included a couple poses for M4 — they’re for the default M4 height, so scaling him up or down means adjustments. Load M4 and the prop(s), then apply the pose presets. To move the figure/props afterward, parent them to a null and then position the null.

Required: Ice Cream Tricycle, Renderosity Free Stuff or ShareCG

Usage: Okay for personal and commercial use. (There are conflicting TOUs at Rendo and ShareCG for the prop; please clarify this with Papus3d before using commercially.)

A few more previews inside:


Simple Postwork Tricks #02: Silhouettes

Make your own vector art

Make your own vector-look art!

Using silhouettes is pretty much tailor-made for 3D renders. You can render an entire scene at once or assemble a scene out of assorted separate images. In both cases, the renders need to be saved as transparent png files.

It’s possible to create a silhouette scene in DAZ Studio by coloring all surfaces black, setting specular to 100% and 0%, the lighting model to Matte, and the ambient color to black at 0%. No lights needed; simply render the scene once it’s set up and then save it. (I’m assuming this works much the same way in Poser, tho the specular settings are different.)

You can also bring any saved render(s) with transparent backgrounds into Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro and turn it into a silhouette with Mehdi’s free Fine Threshold plugin. Slide the setting bar all the way to the right for the darkest result (it may be necessary to run it a second time, depending on the image.) I have a growing collection of transparent png renders that I use for this purpose: I resize each image as needed to fit the scene, move/rotate images to where I want them on their layers, do a “Merge Visible Layers” when I’m satisfied with the scene set up, and then run the merged image through the Fine Threshold plugin.

Silhouette images can be used on backgrounds like night scenes or dark horizons and skies. They can be used with other graphic elements and are well-suited for putting to use that library of textures and overlays you may have collected over the years:

couple-gwtw-style-txt couple-steampunk-txt fantasy-knight-blue-text magical-girl-bokah-txt

The above images were all cropped to function as book covers — making book covers is the main reason I got into DAZ Studio — because silhouette-style covers show up fairly often.

A step-by-step “how to” isn’t possible because it’s going to depend on the image and what sort of look one is aiming for. The above images use lots of layers — most frequently combinations of Multiply (edge/frame textures), Soft Light (most textures and overlays), and Screen (for black/dark textures) at various opacity levels. But Hard Light, Overlay, Dodge, and Color are useful at times too.

More info, credits inside….


Word Block PNGs

I first made these ages ago when I was on LiveJournal and doing 100×100 icons. Since the originals are too small now for my projects, I updated them. To download, click on the images below to view full-sized and then save-as.

wordart-man  wordart-woman

A few examples using stock photos from stock.xchng, istockphoto, and shutterstock — adding a little variety beyond the usual rendered images — with various overlays, textures, and several PS/PSP filters (Topaz, Filter Forge, Luce, etc):

Best utilized as a brush in Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, Gimp, etc. (I’m assuming most people know how to make brushes in their image editor of choice.) Mostly I use the word blocks on a new layer set to soft light, and then duplicated a couple times for legibility. Any questions about what ever else I did on the images above, please feel free to ask.