Question for Poser users

temp-mug prop After making holiday textures for the free Photo Mug, I decided it needed a liquid prop. I managed to do this via a basic primitive, then converted it to a pp2 file. (Yay, me! I forgot there was a simple script that would do this.)

Anyway, I then made seven textures for the prop — coffee, tea, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, and even hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

The thing is, they all require tiling between 2:2 and 4:4 ratios, and the converter I use to make pz2 files from DS3 mats doesn’t do tiling stuff. So my question is: Would you prefer that I make pz2 files anyway, even though they’ll look crappy when applied, and then let you make whatever adjustments you need to make in Poser? Or would you prefer I not make pz2 files and include a separate download link to the textures only?

Neither one is more work for me, I’m just not sure what’s the best option.

A late Halloween treat

Or maybe it’s just a really early one…


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Pippin Romper and Pippin’s Mary Jane Shoes and Tights

Info: A little set for Pippin because I think the denim Skelly texture is cute (pats self on back.) It also provided me a convenient excuse to make glittery shoes. The top is a second skin.

Credits: Pippin Witch Hair and Kitty Candle Centerpiece.

Grubby add-on for Kaitey Halloween



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Kaitey K4

Info: One mildly grubby texture for the Kaitey Halloween set. Please note that bump maps are not included; you’ll need the original file for those. Included are extra textures for the denim Skelly skirt, the orange Skelly shirt, a dirty option for the denim shoes, a clean and dirty Skelly shoe set, and a partial preset for the white sleeves.

Credits: Base Camp, Miho Hair, Lexie wearing Elvira K4, Richabri’s Jack-O-Lantern, and Deerpath’s oldie Beware Sign.

Glitter Nails for Muggie, Cookie’s Free Nails, & V2


DOWNLOAD (Cookie Nails)



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Muggie, Finger Nails for Cookie, Victoria 2 and/or Millenium Girls.

Info: Victoria 2 is no longer available for purchase, though you can still buy Victoria 1. I think they’re the same figure, but V2 came with morphs. Edited to add an example using the Mil2 Preteen Girl:


The set for Cookie’s Finger Nails comes with an extra texture. It’s kinda gaudy but…well, it’s Cookie. She’s a toon and can get away with it.

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Dawn SR2

The newer morphs add a lot more versatility to the free base. I need to buy the Hivewire morphs sets, but this is a great addition and the folks at HW deserve credit for their hard work. Still can’t raise or lower the mouth orĀ  nose tip, and there aren’t enough depth morphs for face, chin, and lips — I couldn’t dial up characters like Inez, Diana, Vincent, Woo-Hyun, June, Amadayo, Hugh, etc., without those — but I played with the new SR2 and I’m happy with the base morphs that are now included.


The base texture, above, and MSE Exotique and Moirai below.


I really need to find a few more skin textures for her.