Season’s Greetings 2014!

‘Tis the season for more lists and festive freebies!

Credits: Floors-N-Walls, couch from Dream Home Furniture, rug from Mission Style Family Room, Multi-Wreath, Multi-Garland, Gothic Xmas Tree, Gift Bag/Ribbons/Textures/Tissue Paper, Christmas TinGothic Xmas Presents with these textures, Caleb M4, Ariana V4, Ethan/Emma K4, Leandro Hair, Isla Hair, Zac Hair, jeans and shoes from the HiroToon 4 set, Henley Neck Shirt M4, The JeanZ, V4 Essentials Sweater, Bambini Boys/Girls, and socks from K4 Skateboarder.

Couch textured with a plaid tile by Channing3D, pillows with a fabric tile from Jewels of Architecture SE: Interior Textiles, the wall with a Filter Forge tile, and the floors with a texture from GoodTextures. Photoshop action is CoffeeShop Blog’s Vintagram 2 (I think), and the Polaroid frame is from Fuzzimo. Font is Felt Tip Senior.

Edited to add: Last year’s holiday listing.

Stocking Stuffers #14: Glitter Shoes Multi Figure



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: More glitter!

Just little sets, in holiday colors of red and green, silver and gold. The glitter part(s) of the shoes are set to glossy plastic with 25% reflection (not sure how this translates to the converted Poser materials.) If you don’t like the shiny look, both parameters can be changed in the surfaces tabs.

Alas, I didn’t have any Dawn shoes that work in both DAZ Studio and Poser.

Larger previews inside…

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Stocking Stuffers #13: Holiday Texture Set for Koneko

For DAZ Studio and Poser

For DAZ Studio and Poser


Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Dress, Knee Pants, Jacket, Shirt, Socks, and Shoes at Exten3D, as well as the Koneko base (free!) and/or Koneka add-on.

Edited to add: Linking to the page with Koneko’s clothing doesn’t seem to be possible, for whatever reason. Just click on “Projects” from the main menu, then on “Anthro” and finally on “Next Page.”

The new Exten3D site’s downloads aren’t as straightforward as before. The link first takes you to a different site, where you have to view an ad, and then to the download page. The link is at the very top.

Info: The clothes — except the dress — are unisex, so you don’t need Koneka. But she’s nice to have. The jacket will take a little work to fit Koneka, but it can be done.

The download is about 67MB because I dumped everything into one zip archive. If anyone has a problem downloading that, please let me know in the comments or via the contact form. I didn’t think separating them was necessary since they’re all for the same figure — and it would be a pain in the butt, ha! — but I can do so if it causes a problem.

I started working on the set back in July, but didn’t get around to finishing up the mats and thumbnails until now. I nearly panicked when I saw the downloads were no longer at the old site. Netherworks has apparently disappeared the free Koneko t-shirt, which means that if these clothes disappeared too, then poor Koneko would be a nekkid neko. Oh, the horror!


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Stocking Stuffers #12: Santa Fleece Tile


Santa Fleece (click to view full size, then right-click and save-image-as)


Matching plain fleece (click to view full size, then right-click and save-image-as)


Bump tile (click to view full size, then right-click and save-image-as)

A few examples below. The Bambini dress, turtleneck, and leggings show the textures used within a template, including bump map and other detailing. The Pippina outfit examples were used as tiling materials in DS, with diffuse color changes and a displacement fur effect. The G2M leisure pants are also part of a template with a bump map and other detailing. The last two show the plain fleece used with other patterns.







I wanted to distribute a Santa fleece tile, but I had to first make a new fabric tile base because I didn’t create the one I’ve been using to texture clothing. A lot of trial and error before making something that looked fleece-ish enough.

The fleece base was created in Filter Forge and the Classic Santa is licensed as freeware, so you can use these for commercial as well as personal projects. Also okay to sell commercial clothing texture sets using these tiles.

Stocking Stuffers #11: Holiday Tie Textures for M401


For DAZ Studio and Poser



Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Required: Uzilite’s M401.

Info: Twelve mostly silly holiday textures for the tie from the M401 clothing set. It’s the only (separate) M4 tie prop I have, commercial or freebie. I have nothing at all for Genesis. I bought kang1hyun’s Basic Suit A, which is really nice, but it doesn’t come with a tie. Odd, that one of the most ubiquitous male fashion items is so hard to find. :?

Anyway, larger gallery previews inside…

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