DS Materials: REC Gentlemen Adventurers


Download: GA Rustic || GA Courtier

Usage: Okay for commercial and personal use.

Info: Resurrecting a couple products I had at Renderosity ages ago. I think they’re a pretty good fit with the steampunk fairy tale theme.

While old, they probably still have some life left in them, and they’re not doing much good just sitting in my hard drive. These were made before DS could properly tile all linked textures — diffuse, bump, displacement — via the Shader Baker base tile, as well as rotating and scaling.

I’m working on updating the presets with the Shader Baker base. Shouldn’t take me too long, in theory, but in the  meantime the original presets should work for most projects because the material files are pretty large.

Poser users won’t be able to use the .dsa format presets, but the textures themselves work like any other tiling materials.

Original (slightly edited) description from way back when:

Mix-N-Match material surface presets to outfit your historical/faux historical/fantasy characters in leathers and woven fabrics. Each coordinated texture is 3000×3000, with bump maps and displacement for the stitches detail on the striped leather textures and for the tooled leather preset options. Grunge overlay presets provide a touch of grubbiness for all your renegades and rogues, highwaymen, and adventuring men (and women!)

There’s no substitute for a great texture add-on for any outfit, but matching textures can be a challenge for those who like to create new outfits from bits and pieces of other outfits. Whether you wish to re-texture an entire outfit set or only selected parts, pull together pieces from many different outfits, or give separate male and female sets a unified look, GA Inc’s Rustic will provide a useful starting point. The textures should work on most of the outfits, but results will depend on the object’s UV mapping — no guarantees the presets will work perfectly 100% of the time.

Displacement affects anything layered over it, so you may need to adjust for that. Specular settings should be increased when displacement is used in order to bring out the raised pattern. The overlays are intended to dirty up the outfits. They don’t tile, but this usually isn’t an issue. I’m not sure if I can get these to work in the Shader Baker base; I don’t recall there being a setting that allowed for an overlay.

If you have any questions, just ask.

Edited to add: They work fine for regular steampunk projects too (and maybe some Gothic Victorian ones):

Mechanic, by Michael Dashow

Resurrected the original promo images too. They’re inside…

Gentlemen Adventurers – Rustic

kit-bashing friendly!
grunge overlays and displacement “tooled leather” effect
some more details

Gentlemen Adventurers – Courtier

the M4 Prince outfit re-textured
more stripes…
and some additional details

Some random examples of V4 outfits


I didn’t have a larger version, sorry. The outfits are Sonya, V4 Ranger, Far Journeyer, and Sensibility. One of the promos also shows the materials on the Noctia outfit.

The M4 outfits include the Euros Outfit, M4 Fairytale Prince and its expansion, Wonderland Mad Hatter, Wolf Leathers, Journeyer Scout, and Narquelir Kiir (which AerySoul/AeonSoul/Whatever pulled from the DAZ store, boo!)

10 thoughts on “DS Materials: REC Gentlemen Adventurers

  1. I didn’t have the second one! Thanks a lot!!
    And did I tell you that you were among the very few vendors whose stuff I bought on the strength of the promos alone? I’m the sort who wishlists something generally only after seeing it used elsewhere (not by the author).

    And I will forever hold a grudge against AS for pulling NK right before I was going to buy it. Unless they bring it back. Wishful thinking much…

    • You’re most welcome!

      I thought about re-doing the promos, but figured they still looked okay. Glad to hear they were sufficient for their purpose. 🙂

      Don’t think the M4 outfit will ever come back, which is too bad. I wasn’t crazy about the shirt, but the pants are fantastic.

      I know it’s sacrilegious, but I’ve never cared for their work. Bought a few hair props, and one outfit each for V4 and M4. There was a jungle girl type outfit at Renderosity called “Wildey” or some such. That one I would’ve bought, but didn’t get the chance.

      Oh, and I did get Alice because everyone was raving about her. But I was sort of “meh” on her. She had a crazy woman face I didn’t care for, and the skin textures weren’t that great, imo. I did pick up that skin texture set at RDNA that included the dirt and blood, primarily because they were overlays I could use on M4 — who rarely got that kind of details for his skin textures.

      Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think their newer products are as imaginative as their older ones.

      • The promos look sweet. There’s style in there.

        I had plans for both the shirt and the pants.

        I agree AS used to be more creative, but I never cared for most of their commercial stuff either (apart from a few hair models they had at rendo that again I was too slow to have bought on time… and they never brought them back, unlike the ones I didn’t like as much). Well-done, but so not my style, and I’m allergic to their preferred female body shape.

        What I really like are their props. Most of them were old freebies. They also had some free clothing for V2 – it’s on the skimpier side, but more stylish and detailed than many V2-era stuff.

        • I remember wanting to buy a hair prop…I think it was called Fable? Or something like that. I did buy L.A. Hair and Golden Drops Hair before AS left Renderosity. Golden Hair came back, but L.A. Hair never did. It was a cute short hair style.

          I don’t think I ever downloaded any of their free V2 things, though I do have a few of the ones for V3 and V4. Some of their old props too.

  2. It was a cute pigtail style, loose on top, ties at the bottom. Pretty versatile, I thought.

    The web archive does take down files if requested, or so I’ve heard. There were some older V3 characters skins that mysteriously disappeared shortly after I linked to them. ::feels a little guilty::

    • Sounds interesting. I never saw anyone wear their hair like that, but then I’m in Russia, with its weird fashion amalgamation of extremely dated and way too trendy.

      Who would ever go to such great lengths to ensure their older freebies stay buried?! I’d rather be glad they’re hosted elsewhere.

      • I don’t really know for sure the files were taken down because I linked to them; it was probably just one of those weird coincidence things.

        The AS folks seem a bit odd to me, what with all the name changes, pulling Alice in and out of sale all the time, pulling products for no good reason, frequently moving from store to store (some of these vendors, its’ like you wanna slap a LoJack on ’em just to keep track of where they are!) Anyway, since they seem to have peculiar notions about the whole buyer/seller relationship, who knows what motivates them

        But I can’t be too critical, as I’ve retired freebies myself. Mostly because they were old or because I replaced them with something improved.

        And this conversation reminds me I’d promised several people to re-upload two old discontinued freebies, and I completely forgot about it!!

        Sigh. I can be such a flake sometimes…

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